Humanitarian and Compassionate

Permanent Resident status based on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) Grounds is only possible under certain circumstances. H&C provides the flexibility to grant permanent residence status or a permanent resident visa to certain foreign nationals who would otherwise not qualify in any class. ​

There are some restrictions with respect to examination of applications for H&C consideration. ​

Restrictions on examination of applications:

  • Certain people who have an outstanding H&C request

  • Inadmissibilities for which an exemption may not be requested

  • Other restrictions on H&C applications

  • People who have made a refugee claim

  • Calculating the 12 month bar

  • Immediate application of the bar

  • Exception – Medical condition posing a risk to life

  • Exception – Best interests of a child (BIOC)

  • Intake of applications for family members ​​ A humanitarian and compassionate assessment considers circumstances and factors that may be sufficiently compelling to allow for the requested exemption.


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