PTE: All You Need to Know

So, what is PTE?

Powered by Pearson Education, which is a British-owned education publishing and assessment service, Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the three major English-proficiency tests widely recognised, accepted and trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world. It is an assessment of candidates’ English-proficiency and is computer-based. The PTE Academic results are usually made available within five business days.

What is the format of PTE?

It is a three-hour test with three sections:

  • Speaking & Writing- 77 to 93 minutes
  • Listening- 45 to 57 minutes
  • Reading-32 to 40 minutes

There are twenty different question formats ranging from Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to Essay Writing and Interpreting Information and these are based on real-life situations candidates are expected to face during their stay.

What are the PTE fees?

The standard price of appearing for the test is INR 13,300. However, in case of booking for the test late, candidates have to pay an extra charge of INR 665, which means the total amount is INR 13,965.

Validity of the PTE score

PTE Academic scores are valid for up to two years from the date of the exam. This means if you fail to go abroad within two years, you will have to reappear for the test and then apply.

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