GCMS Note Request Service




A GCMS Note is a detailed immigration document with information regarding your application. It includes the immigration officers’ notes on the review of your application and any decisions made on your application. It also provided an idea on the stage of the application processing, if a decision has not been reached.

For applications that have received a final decision, it would include detail on the reason for the final decision received on the application. This is different from the refusal letter you received and provides more information.

GCMS notes provide valuable information for applications in progress as well as applications where decisions have been received.

The average processing time for a case file request is typically 31 days.

Once payment is processed, you will receive a link in your email with instructions on the next steps on how to finalize your request. Once your GCMS note has been received, it will be shared with you.

This service is for the request of the GCMS Notes Only. If you need a review and advise service, please order the Visa Refusal Management Service.

Fees are all in USD

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